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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Crate Games - funny

Just a quick note about what I saw this morning.  I was racing around the house getting ready to go teach my Pet Manners class... when I whizzed through the living room and saw Gimme... impatiently pawing the door of the crate we used last night. 

She eats breakfast in a crate and I normally don't latch the doors, so she knows how to open it and get in without help.  Imagine her consternation to discover I had latched the door and foiled her plan. I think she intended to get in the "magic crate" and just be there, sitting pretty, and patiently waiting, the next time I happened by. 

I'm sure she believed I would feel compelled by powers beyond my comprehension to make peanut butter rain down upon her.  Indeed, I might have.

That's m' girl...  plotting all the angles, all the time.

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