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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Agility Silly

We started the day with a 3.5 mile walk, which was bumped up for Gimme by a half mile run at the start.  She had fun running along in the grass.  It was a warm day, so we got good use of the water bottle/dish combo that I found among some things I've been sorting.  I've been thinking I should get one for our walks - who knew I must've had that thought before, eh.

Came home and I put a second coat of paint on the front porch.  I'd run out of the original color and they can't make it in this new kind of paint, so I selected a stronger blue/grey that goes along with the overall color pallet for the house.  Its a new kind of paint by Behr, designed for maximum coverage of cement/deck.  It's very thick paint (almost gel like) does cover nicely, but has a very strong ammonia smell.  I was worried that I might end up with a migraine, but I finished with the steps where I had good air flow, so that didn't happen.

Class was a good learning experience.  Gimme was pretty silly and not as focused as I know she can be.  That is at least partly because she hasn't been to class in nearly a month.  Still there were some really good moments. 

Her start line stays were mostly nice, especially given I purposely bumped up the distraction level.  Both times on the weaves she missed the first time, but when presented again from a couple obstacles back, she caught the entries and did a nice solid job.  Since we haven't practiced weaves since the last class, that's understandable.  Her contacts were 100%.  She did have a problem getting on the dogwalk the first couple of tries.  Blynn thinks an optical illusion was throwing her off, caused by the yellow tunnel passing right under the up-ramp and visually right behind the up-contact.  I continue to see a tendency for her to swing wide around a jump if its "inconvenient".  Blynn says she can do those jumps, but chooses not to.  I think is mostly a confidence issue and not entirely knowing her job.  So that is something we'll train at home, now that the yard is cleaned up and ready.  In the final exercises she did a nice call to tunnel from a start line even though we've never trained it.

I was most pleased that she had some good focus outside and was loose leash walking almost right away.  She wasn't phased at all by the gelding that was repeatedly stomping around, kicking and bucking, right where we had to walk by.  Since she used to have concerns about horses, I was pleased with her nonchalance. 

For our first turn, they changed the run order because one of the students injured herself and the student that was supposed to run between us and her, worked her dog for her.  So we didn't get the mental warm-up time that I was planning for. 

For her second turn, we were moving toward the arena as that team was finishing up and as we approached, the large black GSD left the lady handling it and came rushing toward the fence (not aggressive, just wanting to get to its Mom).  I was focused on Gimme and didn't see it coming, but fortunately someone yelled at me, so I was able to do an emergency u-turn.  We've practiced that so its not a huge deal for her.  Once we were in the arena, partway through our turn, they again lost control of the shepherd (behind a large barrier, but we could hear it).  Gimme left me to go check that out, but others ran interference, so there was no real issue.  However she did have to do a short zoomie before she could come back to work.  On a positive note - she was totally back with me when she did return and did some nice work.

So, while not our best class... there was still a lot to like.

Once home we settled in on the couch for a bit of TV and cuddle time.  Gimme often likes to lay belly up, having her chest and tummy rubbed - she definitely likes to have her boobies "fluffled".  This is one of the times in our days that I completely love and it occurred to me, if I could stop time and live forever in one moment - that would be it...

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