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Friday, March 18, 2016

Urban Tracking (11)

Its hard to believe this is only our eleventh session of urban tracking.  Gimme continues to do well.   We haven't tracked at all for several weeks because our tracking partner has been ill.  Today Gimme seemed a bit distracted, but better than our last field tracking outing. She was a lot fussier on the drive to and from and certainly didn't appreciate having to wait in the car while I serviced two accounts on the way home.

We again tracked at the Auburn Cinema.  It was cool (in 40's) and dry, with almost no breeze.  From time to time we'd notice a breeze, but it didn't last.  We laid one track for each of the girls, with Gimme and Skookum getting the more advanced tracks - all aged about 15 minutes.  Our tracks were mostly island hopping, with a few 90 degree turns.  Gimme's track had 6 turns, all of which were away from the curb, or coming perpendicular to the curb and then turning right or left to follow the curb.  Gimme did great at the turns coming perpendicular to the curb.  For the turns which turned 90 degrees away from the curb, Gimme overran all of them and didn't show noticeable signs until she was 15-20 feet past the turn.  She seemed to get rather frustrated when she realized the track was "gone", but then with encouragement was able to work through it and find her own way without hints.  Overall she did well, especially since she wanted to get back to SuperCow-baby.

After tracking Nadine and I went to IHOP for lunch to celebrate the news from her doctor's appointment yesterday, where she passed a major milestone - she's Cancer-Free...  Yippee!!!  I can only imagine what a relief this news was for her.  I am certainly thrilled beyond words.

Gimme is still reluctant to do her "grape" (roll over), so we'll be keeping our chiropractor appointment for next Thursday.  Right now she is snoozing under the desk with SuperCow-baby.  Motherhood is so exhausting, doncha know.

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