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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

RFE Intermediate results

Gimme passed with a nice score of 167, including six 10pt station scores out of 15 and second place! That's more 10pt scores than ever before. I'd estimated 153 points, at best. The first place score was 176. Gimme needs one more Q to get her RFE intermediate title. Perhaps this fall.

Our judge was Julie Flanery herself. I knew even before I saw her initials because of her focus on minor hand signals and precision, though overall I thought her scores were generous and her comments certainly kind.

Gimme's Intermediate entry video - It's very interesting to watch the video again, while reading the scores/comments.  I have a more critical interpretation of scoring - I'm certainly not complaining.

Station points with judge's comments in parenthesis: 
  • Free choice reverse pivot 10/3
  • Left turn thru trx 10 (Nice!)
  • Fig 8 thru 2x 10 (Nice!) [I penalized myself for the swaying left and right]
  • Free choice paw on leg 9/2 (Slight hand cue) [I think she's referring to the stay hand signal - if I'd used my left hand she wouldn't have seen it]
  • Thru to front 3x back 10 (Nicely Done!)
  • Left turn circle trx 7 (Distraction)
  • CCW spin to center 10 (Nicely Done!)
  • Into left heel 6 (Extraneous behavior) [an offered spin as she moved into heel]
  • Back up in center 7 (Small hand cue, super straight until very end, Nice!) [I think the hand cue was actually movement because of my shoulder dropping, though it likely had the same effect, eh]
  • Free choice scooch back 7/5 (out of position) [Gimme was out of position to start, so her "scoot" was at an angle]
  • Center pivot 180 7 (out of position) [Gimme anticipated]
  • Thru to right heel 8 (small hand cue) [dang finger point]
  • Right turn circle trx 9 (lag at end) 
  • Free choice pivot on distant object 9/5 (slow response)
  • Bow 10 (Nice Bow!!)  [this is usually weak]
Overall scores:
Heelwork 7
Attention 8
Teamwork 8

Behaviors 129 out of 150 points possible
Free choice difficulty 15 out of 20
Overall 23 out of 30
TOTAL SCORE 167 points

Judge's Comments: Some really nice behaviors in a good run. Some small distractions and heel position sometimes wide. Teamwork score can be increased by waiting for dog after behaviors before going to next sign. Eliminating those small hand cues will increase station scores. Overall a really nice run.

Just one more to go...

July 5th Note - just realized Gimme improved her score on this second leg of Intermediate by 30 points.  Yayyyy.

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