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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Urban Tracking (99 & 100)

We usually have nosework class on Tuesday, but we're having another few days of unusually hot weather and class has been cancelled.  I'm cancelling the parkour class I teach, yet again.

On Friday, July 27th, Nadine and I met early at Game Farm Park. It was still cool, about 68º and in some places the grass was still moist from the watering. Nadine laid this simple little track for Gimme and we ran it right away, so it was only 15 minutes old.

Gimme did reasonably well with it, but I could sure see the difference between when the grass was green and when it was dry and brown. Although it looks lush and green in this picture, the open field was all dried out. Gimme had trouble with the fourth leg and fourth turn. She got across the path to the article on the fifth leg, but then struggled to find the end. These allergies are really making it hard for her.

This last Saturday, August 4th, I went to Medline. They still haven't fixed the truck gate, so I can still use their parking lots, per the security guy. I laid four short tracks. When we crossed landscape strips, I crossed at an angle. I put pieces of beef jerky on the track at intervals. Each track had a start sock, a mid-leg article, a shallow turn, and an end article; the first track (close to the front of the building) had a second turn. It was 67º and dry as a bone. We ran them right after I laid them.

It was a bit of a challenge to convince Gimme there was anything there, but once I did she went right to work. She missed about half of the beef jerky that was still there - the crows got all of them on the second track and one from the third track. Gimme got better as it went along. She has no problem crossing landscape strips at an angle; the issue is all mine.

Can't wait for the pollen to go away. I want to see her natural brilliance come back. That being said, I certainly appreciate her persistence.

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