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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tracking (47)

Nadine and I have decided we want to do field tracking about once a month. She's concerned the squirrels will continue to be an issue for Cricket and keep her from getting a TDU. So, on Friday, September 28th, we met at Flaming Geyser.

The weather was a cool 58ยบ, with minimal breeze. It had rained the day before so the ground/grass was still wet. The grass was about mid-calf in most places. Gimme's track was aged 1:15.

Gimme thoroughly enjoyed herself and did a great job. This age is pretty young for field tracking and the conditions were ideal to hold a lot of scent. So after she did her usual zig-zag from side-to-side on the first leg, then she was rock solid to the end.

I want to do more aging for her on field tracking.  She should be able to do it easily, it's just a matter of planning for all the time it takes.  I may have Nadine lay a well-marked track right before we leave.  Then I can go up the hill to see my Mom and come back when it's got some time on it.

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